Flower therapy

I needed cheering up after a bummer experience with tradesmen yesterday. I know … as Ian reminded me at lunch today, “Anyone who owns a house deserves it”.

Danica was very kind during my funk. While I was waiting in the florist shop for roses to take home, I breathed in the lovely air and took photos. Ahhh, that’s better.

5 thoughts on “Flower therapy”

  1. oh lovely!

    Trash to treasure day, I found a moth orchid and brought it home.
    Happily growing now.
    Primrose and violets bloom in garden.

  2. And the roses are Beautiful!!

    Joni – an orchid find must be a rare thing, did someone just discard it?

    I have a 5 year old ‘moth’ orchid I tried to repot a few days ago because it had been over watered. I just used a commercial orchid mix – no soil, no moss. It’s not looking so good today. Any suggestions?

    • ah yes… someone put my orchid find out by the road for a new home.
      Also, I have a lovely silver pinky ring now! Very fancy trash to treasure!

      Orchids don’t use soil. They enjoy bark or commercial medium like you used.
      Light plays a large part to their growth. Enough sun, but not so it burns them.

      Make sure the new pot is only a little larger than the old one with some drain holes up the side of the pot to make a reservoir. Take away the old roots.
      Rinse the roots with water and remove the old salts.
      A 3% hydrogen peroxide will eliminate unwanted pests. I use the agricultural grade hydrogen peroxide.

      A moth orchid or phalaenopsis orchid is fairly sturdy and won’t mind new pot even when in flower.

      Happy Spring!

  3. Thanks Joni… you give me confidence it will flower yet again.

    I’ve surprised myself with the attachment I have to this baby. I don’t want to lose it … at 5 years it’s just about to start school (haha). I wait & wait and when a new shoot appears I’m thrilled!

    I trimmed enough roots that I could replant it in the pot it came in. It’s a clear pot that has tons of holes in the bottom but I will punch some in the side. Thanks for the guidance. I will keep you posted.

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