First use of Art Glass

Our Fred Franzen oil piece hangs in the front hall, where the picture glass picks up annoying reflections. This was the absolute best picture I could manage and you still see reflections of the mats of pictures across the hall.

Detail showing subtle, unwanted reflections

Artist Carole Milon told me about Lucy Lu’s relatively recent opening of The Frame Maker II store at Gerrard and Broadview and suggested I look into Art Glass there. I just got the work back today. The $35 piece of glass (16″x17″) does quite a good job.

Only one small, bright highlight shows on the mat, lower left.

Direct reflections from the windows, crossing the glass at an angle, are not eliminated, or even much reduced, but straight on, it’s almost as if there is no glass at all. I’m quite satisfied, but I wonder about a (more expensive?) brand called Tru Vue Museum Glass. Maybe no glass can completely kill strong, glancing reflections viewed at angles, but more research must be done.

Here’s  Lucy Lu’s storefront on Gerrard, seen between two buses that we are suffering since our streetcars were commandeered to serve elsewhere. 🙁

I’m delighted to see Lucy’s store in the rebuilt building that replaces the burnt-down predecessor at Broadview and Gerrard.


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