Fine dining beside the Boardwalk


Danica drew my attention to the beautiful carpet spread on the grass for a friendly family of picnickers. Style! She aked if she could take a picture. They said OK and even offered to share a bite of kebab. We had to catch up with our Jane’s Walk, but a kind invitation.

bbq-signTechnically, it’s not permissable to bring your own portable BBQ to the park. Danica spotted this sign. You are supposed to book one of the city-installed BBQs and pay a fee.

Nevertheless, families do gather and cook all the time. It’s one of the nicest sights on the beach, seeing happy people playing and eating together, enjoying an affordable feast.

 I wish Toronto Parks would lighten up with their weird rules and concentrate on chasing the scofflaws who let their dogs run loose.

1 thought on “Fine dining beside the Boardwalk

  1. I really, really liked this family – they were so happy and so kind to invite us to join them. I bet it would have been a very interesting conversation. Bill – if we ever want to get smaller rugs for our dining room floor I know what we can do with our existing oriental rug.

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