Find the Leslieville mural

I put it in the middle of the picture, so you wouldn’t miss it …

leslieville-muralThe new Leslieville mural

Street artist Elicser was commissioned to repaint the old mural. This one went up last month and is expected to last about 5 years.

The subject matter includes historical “musts” such as the Maple Leaf Forever tree (that almost certainly was not the tree that actually inspired the patriotic song). We have a souvenir of the tree that didn’t inspire Alexander Muir. The tree blew down in a storm and a police constable let some of us at it.

old-muralThe old mural

Elicser kept the look of the earlier mural’s Leslieville lettering. Streetwise to what happens to faces painted low on walls, he has moved his character up, out of easy reach.