Film Fest extension

In the spirit of TIFF and in memory of one of its most devoted supporters, the late Ben Viccari, I am mounting my own NFB mini fest today. First up is an animated celebration of a folk song by the late Wade Hemsworth. I heard it on the radio this morning.

1991 | 5 min

I have never been in northern Ontario during black fly season and with luck, I never will be. Older films are cut to a much slower pace than they are today. This says a lot about our sped-up, hyper existence now. I don’t think it is saying good things, for our health or happiness.

Next, an enchanting animation of unique visual quality. Treat yourself to Mindscape. Full screen is best.

1976 | 7 min

This one is for the quilter in our household. The geometric variants possible from basic units is amazing.

1996 | 6 min

The National Film Board is a national treasure. There is a huge trove of brilliant work on the website, all free. Enjoy your own choices.