Doors Open Day Two: U of T

Our first destination was Knox College, a seminary where, to quote Danica, they pump out Presbyterian preachers. According to the tour guide, they have 140 in the hopper at the moment.

  The slides start at Knox College with shots of the exterior and gardens, then move inside to show marvellous gothic pillars and arches.

Flanking the centre hall are the two main features of the building: The chapel on the south side (with the organ) and the library on the north side.

The library has kept some old card catalogues to amuse and amaze the young. A case also displays a Jewish Torah, a gift given in memory of Morris Zeidman, founder of the Scott Mission. He held a Knox College Doctor of Divinity degree.

We left Knox College to visit University College, also on King’s College Circle. so you see slides from it too. The view of the domed Convocation Hall and CN Tower was taken by Danica from the front steps of University College.

There is one picture of the door on Hart House, because Danica and I were married in the chapel there.