Dollarama drama


When Ian told me he wanted to get a pair of glasses with LED lights attached, I tagged along to the dollar store to see them for myself. Three bucks. They’re reading glasses, various strengths, and the lights actually do illuminate a page sufficiently to permit reading in a dark room.

I think Ian wants to wear his to be seen at night while riding his e-bike. I wonder what will happen if I wear mine in a public park?

6 thoughts on “Dollarama drama

  1. Bill, you may be showing the early signs of PTPE (Post Traumatic Park Experience), a nasty condition. Treatment is effective and generally involves spending lots of time in public parks, especially during the spring and early summer. Covertly taking pictures and then posting them also helps. OHIP will usually cover a prescription for Google glasses. Winter should generally be avoided until full recovery has taken place.

  2. Thank you, Brian. I’ll follow your advice, but I don’t feel ready to take on the camera-in-a-Toronto park challenge yet. When I get well enough to take covert pictures there, I’ll be sure to post them here. Yours is a message of hope.

    • Yes, I could zoom or take covert photos with almost any consumer electronic device these days. But why should I be turned into a sneak by puffed-up officials? I’d ignore the stupid policy but, as the city’s director of parks told the Toronto Star, “staff would likely call the police”. Worth the bother? Still undecided.

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