Doesn’t sound right to me

Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s CEO Jeff Melanson says that upper management has decided not to let acclaimed concert pianist Valentina Lisitsa play two scheduled performances because of political statements she has been making about the conflict in Ukraine.

Couldn’t TSO management use its freedom of speech to publicly refute Lisitsa’s political views rather than take away her opportunity to perform?

3 thoughts on “Doesn’t sound right to me

  1. Wow…I had to know more and it’s interesting to get both sides. Since TSO invited her they really should let her perform, then let protesters and the media fester it out. Wrong move TSO!

  2. Sounds like money talking and TSO management listening. Nothing to do with music, that’s for sure.

  3. I tweeted the following, but my tweet did not appear on the TSO feed like it is supposed to. They must have someone assigned full time deleting tweets they don’t like. Gutless too.

    @TorontoSymphony Bad decision on Lisitsa. Taking sides on political opinion is not your mandate.

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