Debbie Facey is Vintage Hunter.

Good name, eh? Vintage Hunter. I like the sign, too. BluMorpha had a hand in its making.

Danica and I dropped in this afternoon and met the proprietor. Debbie is a very easy person to talk to, welcoming and knowledgeable. Her shop at the corner of Woodfield and Gerrard Street East is filled with unusual finds. Her prices seem better than average, too.


There’s a second display room behind the one I am showing here. Debbie also does her own fixing and restoring right on the premises.

I respect and admire entrepreneurs who work hard to create businesses like this. What’s more, I like looking through vintage stuff that was often better made than present day equivalents … or better looking … or both. I think Debbie’s store will be a regular stop on my local walks.

1390 Gerrard Street East. Hours: Wed-Sun: 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm

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  1. Thank you so much Bill for the lovely words! It was such a pleasure meeting you both and I look forward to your next visit!

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