David Irvine at the Flying Pony until April 30

Mr Irvine, if you happen to find this entry, I apologize for reproducing some of your work without permission but I missed your opening on Saturday and didn’t get to ask. I’ll take them down if you want. I see the monster with guitar is sold already … the one called “Late For Band Practice”. Your tribute to “The Freaks” ensemble (bottom) struck me as one of those “you have to see it” things.


David Irvine’s one man show features many of his trademark overpaintings of prints and “artworks” he finds at thrift stores and yard sales. There’s an ethic to his lampoons, however. If a work is actually a handmade rendering, he will never overpaint the other artist’s signature, even though he only abuses mass-run one-offs and paint-by-numbers efforts.

Go see them for yourself and enjoy the lighthearted, witty and whimsical fun. I loved the one of a very proper young lady playing the piano. Irvine touched in gigantic dead insects lying on the piano and floor. He’s a good painter, too.

Find out more and the location on the Flying Pony Facebook page.

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