David Beck artworks

I just found a documentary on this guy, thanks to the Kanopy app and its connection to the Toronto Public Library. Turns out, there are lots of videos on his website, too.

As personal expression, Beck’s work strikes me as imaginative, ingenious and of high calibre.

If there is a “mainstream” meaning, I see a nostalgic artist turning his back on present affairs and withdrawing to his analog workshop. It is a message of disinterest in “mainstream” society and a retreat or escape into an elaborate, patiently-constructed, alternate reality.

Perhaps it a sane response to our time.

1 thought on “David Beck artworks”

  1. David Beck is precious nostalgia. A calming voice.

    (heard today banana peels help remove atrazine and ametryne, adding new ideas to clean pesticides. Charcoal is now cleaning air.)

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