Danica, the talent scout

When I declared that my roof-climbing days were behind me, Danica set out on a neighbourhood walk to find a workman to fix our downspout. There is plenty of clean-up going on around here, after the storm.

Sure enough, she found a guy but he looked at the roof and didn’t want to go up. I said it looked too risky for me, now that I’m 73. He said, “I’m 69”.

3 thoughts on “Danica, the talent scout”

  1. Danica, I laughed at this one. I took down my own shed roof over my bus.
    I couldn’t find a younger helper!
    Today I put the battery back in the bus and I’ll move it to Mary’s, where there is more room.
    Best of luck on the repairs.

  2. It was very funny Joni…
    I told Bill I was willing to go up on the roof but he wouldn’t have anything to do with that idea. Drilling and affixing is needed – I’m not so sure I could pull if off as a first time experience. But at 64 I’m younger than the other choices so far…
    Glad the bus is finding a home !

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