Danica shines on Moon walk

We walked down to the beach, to see the full moon rise and try some picture-taking. Danica’s camera outshone mine, but neither of us captured how lovely it was, just to be there on the moonlit beach.

 On the way to the shoreline, we passed a view of the firehall clock tower that will soon be blocked by a condo. I took the conventional shot, Danica caught the chain link with her flash.

While I struggled ineffectively to shoot the Moon rising through orange clouds, Danica again looked around for other opportunities. My Moons came out as orange smears, not worth showing. Only one beach shot is mine. The better ones are Danica’s, even though her camera is older and lower rez.

1 thought on “Danica shines on Moon walk”

  1. It was a lovely evening to view the Harvest moon, but chilly enough to be wearing jackets.

    Amazingly there was a swimmer in the water and I was hoping she would show up in one of my shots as she swam back to shore. Only one shot caught her but she was already out of the water, can you see her in picture #4, walking by the shoreline.

    We also pondered the man finding his way in the sand from the shoreline to the boardwalk with white cane in use. I commented how strange it was to see him out in the dark – – a bit of a mind bending thought!

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