Dana Green at GAS

Dana Green’s solo show is up at the Gerrard Art Space and will continue until December 1st. Here are 3 examples from her goddess series … freely rendered on panels in acrylic paint and India ink.

I was able to meet the artist today at her opening reception and received permission to post the photos you see here. The panels are impressively large, about 4′ tall by 2′ wide I estimate. A number of smaller pieces, similarly themed, line the west wall. I like a couple of them in particular for the natural drawing skill they display.

Some of the words and imagery may shock, I suppose, but they shouldn’t. Female fertility obviously has a history in art going back as far or farther that phallic symbols of male potency.  Brian lent me a tourist guide book from his recent trip to Angkor Wat and the shrine had stone dicks everywhere.

Green’s goddesses frequently salute us with middle finger gestures, so there is a message here, more than a mere celebration of reproductive power. The goddess is asserting herself, like it or lump it.  I happen to like it, and this show exemplifies much of what I get from my visits to Gerrard Art Space. Think of the all galleries where you would not see such work.

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