Joni just sent this link about Apple’s Facetime faux pas, letting users listen in to people before they answer a call. That was an error, but it shows what can be done. How can anyone ever really know when their own microphones and cameras are spying on them?

Mark Zuckerberg puts tape over his camera. Good idea. What about sound? When I visit friends who have those Alexa, Siri, Hey Google gizmos, I know our conversations are being monitored by the machine … and who else? And is every word recorded? How could we know?

Huawei’s CFO is under arrest in Canada, awaiting extradition to face charges of industrial espionage. Who makes the chips inside about 60% of the security cameras we see all around us? Smile. You may be on TV in Beijing.

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  1. Well expressed!
    My thoughts are to use this opportunity of someone listening to speak of new inventions on the horizon.
    A new replacement for the plastic bag may be out soon. Marshall Medoff has begun production of ‘Xylose’ . A wood sugar made in Moses Washington.
    MIT has verified results of this 81 year old inventor.

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