Connecting dots

When I spotted the name Robert Amos on Open Culture’s item about readings of Finnegans Wake, I wondered … Robert Amos, art critic for the Times Colonist newspaper in Victoria? The same Robert Amos who did such a prescient write up on my mother, artist Helen Andersen, when she died in 1995?


Yes, that Robert Amos; a painter himself and maker of a delightful watercolour, now in the collection of Thorne Won, found in Helen’s effects.


The artists probably exchanged a couple of pieces. Before Helen’s time ran out, Robert Amos was helping select works for an Andersen retrospective exhibition that never happened. Perhaps some day.

Robert Amos is a hard-working, productive man with a very wide range of interests and many personal gifts. I have never met him personally but have been in email correspondence about editions of Helen’s lithographs. One day, I would like to shake his hand.

1 thought on “Connecting dots

  1. My thanks to John Robert Colombo for his suggestion that I edit my misspelling of Finnegans Wake. No apostrophe, he points out, hypothesizing that Joyce may have wished to imply that we are all Finnegans.

    I am not only delighted with this bit of help with my literary education, I am amused to see that my computer’s spell-check system mistakenly believes the apostrophe should be there.

    Mr. Colombo also reports success with his own computer’s shortcoming. A mouse, diagnosed by the author as arthritic and sporadically comatose, has been replaced with a new one that “moves the cursor around the screen like the spirit of Njinsky on the ballet stage”.

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