Colourful Lower Gerrard

Let’s start with the official street furniture, added by the Business Improvement Association. These signature benches are new to the “Little India” strip. There are several of them on both sides of the street. Planters have been refreshed and brightened, too.


Alex “Runt” Currie is hard at work, covering the Lenswork studio from his vivid imagination. He’s at the ladder stage. When I asked if I could still help paint a portion of his design, he looked a bit concerned. “Sure, if you don’t mind heights,” he said.


I think I’ve missed my opportunity. First, I don’t want Al worrying about a wobbly old guy teetering on his ladder. Danica will also be happier if I just watch. That’s OK. It was nice of Al to say I could.

Here’s a trailer for a documentary about Al Runt’s work.

Around back of the Flying Pony Gallery/Café, Andrew Horne‘s studio has been adorned by the Eskape Reality Collective.


I featured the back wall a while ago but hadn’t realized that the mural wrapped around the west side, too.