Colombo Aphorisms go to print

Uncommonplaces: Aphorisms of John Robert Colombo has been available as a Kindle book for a while now, but the author has decided that it should exist on paper as well. That meant the book would need a back cover as well as a front.


If you would like a sample or three, I’m sure JRC will consider it “fair use” for me to illustrate with some I noted:


Anti-Semitism is defined as discrimination against the Jewish people, but the definition also extends to the Arab people because the Arabs like the Jews are a Semitic people.

(I wonder if Stephen Harper considers himself an anti-Semite when he frowns on wearers of the niqab.)


What the imp offers a man is a glimpse into the perverse side of his human nature.

(Anyone out there know why I picked this one?)

Purdy, Alfred W.

Large and ungainly, occasionally reflective and generous, he struck me as a man who was genuinely himself, no more, no less.

Many of Colombo’s “aphorisms” have people’s names as titles, followed by descriptive phrases, insightful praises or short assessments of the person’s work. Colombo has known personally a remarkable number of Canadian notables and many, many have visited the Colombo home. His listings and observations will be of value in the long run.)