Coffeemaker research results

Bill Byres set us on the right path by saying his Walmart Sunbeam model made a perfectly fine cup of coffee without the ridiculous expense of trendier brands.

Model # 3335-33: Sunbeam 8-cup programmable thermal carafe coffeemaker

There are many makes and models, even within the Sunbeam line. There are retailer prices to compare, features to analyze, consumer reviews to read. Danica knows how central coffee is to my existence and she was willing to do the research so I’d be happy.

Naturally, there had to be comparisons with other brands and models, too, but the Sunbeam came through. It’s smaller than the 10-year-old Bunn that had started to leak, so that’s a plus. Saves counter space. It’s a paper filter coffeemaker, as was the Bunn, and (bonus) our supply of filters fits. It takes whatever coffee we choose, rather than locking us into those disposable cups that go to the landfill.

I like a thermal carafe to keep coffee warm, rather than a hot plate which eventually turns a brew into something that tastes like varnish. The Sunbeam carafe works better than the old Bunn did, keeping coffee drinkably hot for hours.

The programmable part is something we could have done without, but it comes with the model. The unit makes good coffee, is easy to use and clean up. Fifty bucks on sale. I’ll bet it lasts for years. Happy! Thanks Danica and Bill.