Clouds centred over CN Tower

.. or maybe they were centred over the dockside cranes that work alongside the T&T parking lot on Cherry Street. Either way, the wispy cloud formation looked like a contrived “burst” worthy of Photoshop.


T&T, for anyone who doesn’t have one available, is a large supermarket chain with outlets in many major Canadian cities. You can get everything there, but the emphasis is on Asian, especially Chinese, products.


I snapped the fruits and veggies section while we stood in line with our wasabe, but the live seafood offerings, baked goods and dim sum takeout trays are major attractions. Our wasabe was a buck and a half cheaper than the same brand at Loblaws … and the best-before date is June, 2016, in case you wonder.

Best of all, we can bicycle there. Maybe one day we’ll grab some takeout and have a readymade picnic at the tables on Cherry Beach.