Clothes shopping in the cloud


I don’t like clothes shopping, so I would welcome an opportunity to make the process more convenient and efficient. In my limited experience, online shopping isn’t it. How is it better to guess how something will look, fit and feel, wait for it to be shipped, try it on and then send it back? Or take it back to the store?

Online shopping destroys the hope of a shopping commando raid, where you go into a store, try on a few candidate items, pick one if you’re lucky, and get out fast. If you leave empty-handed, at least that’s fast too.

Online shopping sucks you into a vortex of choice, speculation, comparison, guesswork and review reading. Too much information, too much time wasted. It is neither efficient nor convenient and you are still quite likely to come up empty-handed because you haven’t tried anything on.

You could try something on in a store, note its product ID and size if you like it, order it online, and wait for it. This isn’t better. Your time is probably worth a lot more than any small savings you may achieve.