Cinco de Mayo under the cherry blossoms

A charming Brazilian girl photographed the happy couple under the cherry blossoms at Queen’s Park today.


We celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary by returning to the Keg Mansion where we had our reception back in 1989. Steak dinners followed by a complimentary dessert of Jack Miner mocha ice cream pie.


Adding the 10 years we were together before we got married, Danica and I have been a couple for 36 years now.

3 thoughts on “Cinco de Mayo under the cherry blossoms

  1. It was a lovely day, always enjoy heading back to the Mansion. Great memories walking around the old neighbourhood, which we left in 1979 to move into our first home in Riverdale.

  2. Congrats. I remember the building well from when it was Julie’s Mansion, housing the Bombay Bicycle Club, one of the more interesting bars in Toronto during the 70’s.

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