Chilly Leslie Spit

When the sun peeked through, it warmed a bit, but the wind was nippy on the Spit today. Nothing to break it, with the trees still bare. It’s still great to get out this early in the year.

Good day for reptiles. Danica spotted the garter snake. I didn’t even see the turtle until I noticed it in the photo I was taking of a swan in the reeds.

Did you spot the other swan picture? It’s ‘way off in the distance, swimming below the trees full of cormorant nests.

Above is my big action shot … waves breaking into the shore. Impressed, aren’t you?

This is what the Leslie Spit is made of … clean fill from demolition waste. The manmade spit is still being extended and allowed to grow in naturally. It’s a bird sanctuary, marsh habitat, home to many animals, and an all-around good idea.