We will remain unfrilled until Fall

Loblaw has broken its silence about reopening plans for the Coxwell No Frills store that closed suddenly in May, 2016: Early Fall of this year.

Shuttle bus service will continue to take customers to the nearest alternative No Frills supermarket at Gerrard and Carlaw but new shopping patterns and loyalties have formed over the last couple of years. The Bazaar has BJ Supermarket and there are worthy alternatives for cheeses and whole foods on the Gerrard strip. A new butcher shop is opening and the Fairmount Farmer’s Market isn’t far off.

The artist’s rendering is said to remain fairly accurate.

No Frills may be slow to return to us, but if it opens on schedule, it will beat the return of our streetcars.

In hat pursuit …

Danica got the call from the Apple Store. Her Macbook had a new keyboard and was ready for pickup. I went along figuring we could check out the men’s hats department in the Eaton Centre’s Nordstrom department store.

That’s it in the photo above. The whole hat department. The Nordstrom website is rich with choice, so this was disappointing.

The way the Nordstrom store thinks hat buying should work goes like this:
Find a hat on the website you’d like to try on, order it online and if it isn’t what you want, you may return it to the Eaton Centre Nordstrom store for a refund. Shipping cost will not be refunded, so trying on a hat costs maybe 10 bucks and takes days or weeks. Ah, the modern marketplace.

The Apple experience was better, because the defective Macbook keyboard was replaced under warranty. So that we could appreciate the value of the replacement, Apple made out an invoice, showing the price of the repair had it been chargeable. $555.11 … nearly half the cost of a new machine. There is something very wrong about the way Macbooks are made.

Course is getting better

I’m warming up to the Reconciliation course I’ve been taking. The discussion parts, where students write about their experiences and difficulties with the subject are candid and constructive.

Some of the resources are well done, too. 3 minute example:

I find the teachings of the “7 grandfathers” agreeable enough, but words like wisdom, knowledge, spirit, honesty and truth mean different things to different people.

Useful info, either way

Frans at College and Yonge doesn’t have wifi. I was there recently by myself and wanted to use wifi while I had a bite. Nope, so I moved along.

On the other hand, finding places without wifi is getting harder. So if wifi sets the tinfoil in your hat a-buzzing, or you have company to talk to, Frans is for you.

The cool keeps coming 😎

This is just so much fun! Bill Plaskett has contributed some extra goodies to add to the post about the Solidarity Tour performance at Massey Hall, now online. (See post below)

Photo credit: Rhoda Rosenfeld?

First up, a cool photo of Bill back in the day, when I first heard Wally the Whale being sung in our livingroom, performed by the duo of my sister Joni and the styishly-hatted Bill Plaskett you see above.

Better yet, an mp3 of Bill singing the song. He notes that his voice wasn’t the best that morning, but shares it anyway. As you’ll probably guess from the lyrics, Wally was contemporary with the Beatles’ Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

Pure delight. Thanks, Bill!