Putto sans tooter

When you’re queueing for your coffee at Andrew Horne’s Flying Pony Gallery/Café … look up. Note that the beautifully-made putto above your head has suffered a loss. Apparently someone got a little too exuberant at an evening event and broke off the tooter.

The art show up now, collaborative works by Monica Wickeler and Andrew Duff, extends to the back room, where the Collabottles hang.

Cleaning anticlimax

I took this “before” picture in daylight from the window, to have a record of this picture’s appearance in its pre-cleaning state. Oh, how the camera lies! All of the colours and contrasts are pumped up, quite different from the actual painting.

This particular shot was done with an iPad Pro and shows Apple’s belief in oversaturated colours.

I thought that cleaning might have the effect of bringing the canvas more in line with what the camera saw, but no. I have only completed cleaning of a third of the surface, but I can already tell that the difference will be very subtle. A little bit of yellowish dirt (probably cigarette smoke from the bad old days) came off, but the change is barely perceptible.

Above is a truer representation of what the painting will look like, finished. Actually, I like it this way. The camera’s exaggeration has coarsened its appearance. All modern consumer cameras do a little processing “magic” to the images they capture, usually warming up the warms, tweaking the vibrancy and contrast. What you see is  not what you are intended to get. Camera makers rig the game, hoping that you’ll like what you get better than what you see.

I am surprised that the 54 year-old painting hasn’t acquired more dirt, but I am convinced that what was there is coming off as I clean. Most of the colours are mixed, but there are some spots of white and they look white when I’m done.

BTW, I have no real idea if you’ll see a difference between the two images above. Screens all show colours in difference ways and with varying levels of sharpeness, just as cameras do.


Why is she selling it, then?

The filmmaker boyfriend (now upgraded to fiance 🙂 ) made the commercial to help his lady sell her 21 year-old Honda Civic.

After going viral, bids climbed to $150,000 before the auction weirdness was kiboshed by Ebay and reset to saner levels.

Our old Maxima has similar mileage and is a couple of years younger. Maybe we should keep it and go riding on hairpin curves along the coast.