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Fifty years after Canada’s 100th birthday

I was searching for images of the Gord Smith sculpture that once stood in front of the Canadian Pavilion at Expo ’67. It was 110 feet wide and 12 feet tall! The gumment (wrongfully) scrapped it after the site was dismantled.

No luck finding the sculpture picture, but two gems did appear. First, this painful puff piece for Expo ’67, when the word eskimo was still in use and we celebrated “the conquest of our natural environment” and “the victory of Man over Nature”.

19 minutes   Some skipping along through is recommended.

The other gem is Chief Dan George’s Lament for Confederation, as relevant today as it was half a century ago.

Here’s a still from it, with a quote …

The video runs about 6 minutes.

Tulip mania lives

Danica managed to bring some tulips in from the garden before squirrels bit their heads off. They were lovely for a few days. When they were ready for the green bin, some of the parts were still beautiful.

I decided to rearrange them.

My best one.

Sneak preview on Bloor Street

Bloor Street bike lanes

Parts of Woodbine Avenue will get bicycle paths like these, not in early Spring as originally scheduled, but half way through the summer.

I like paths that use parking lanes as a buffer between moving cars and bikes. Since most cars have only one occupant, the chances of getting “doored” on the passenger side are greatly reduced.

Much of Woodbine will be differently treated, with mixtures of painted lines, “sharrows” (cars and bikes) and such. Woodbine will, for the most part, be reduced to two lanes for cars …one north, one south.

How can this truck sit in the Bloor bike Lane? The fine is $150. Maybe they have the money. 🙂

§ 886-6. No person shall park, drive or operate any vehicle, except a bicycle, on a bicycle path. 

Local colour: Bathurst and Bloor

The slide show starts with a location shot of Honest Ed Mirvish’s famous department store, now closed and awaiting demolition. One of the signs is slated to move to the front of Ed Mirvish Theatre near Yonge and Dundas.

Ed was a colourful character and an inspiration. Painted alleys are plentiful in the neighbourhood.

 May 8, 2017
The artists display remarkable skill, design and colour sense, don’t you agree?

Lunch with Kathy Bertrand today

We decided to try Insomnia Restaurant and Lounge, on Bloor near Bathurst, because the menu looked promising. What shall we say? Pretty good … somewhere around 3.5 stars?

The service was good, the food quite nice. I think they should ask before they put cinnamon in your coffee, though. A lot of hard surfaces make the ambient sound a little clattery.

Five stars for the company, of course. Kathy was married to Paul Royko … yes, Obi-Wan Pierogi, of Royko’s Recipes. We usually get together in April to remember his birthday, but we are a little late this year.

After lunch, we all bought books at BMV, (Books, Movies, Videos) down the street. Dropping in there is a must, whenever we are nearby.