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That’s one fast computer!

My 2008 iMac couldn’t keep up with the times anymore, so I ordered a new one yesterday, online, through the Apple Store. It arrived today. One day!

Estimated delivery time was one week, but Apple seems to be taking the Under-promise, Over-deliver mantra VERY seriously.

So I’m up and running the latest operating system, with all of my files transferred already. To my surprise and delight, my creaky copy of Photoshop CS4 (2010) still works! I thought for sure it would be dead in the water … and it would have been, except Apple created a legacy version of Java, just to keep old software happy. I downloaded it, and Photoshop launched.

Circus Academy has a bright future

Former co-owner Eli Chornenki spotted me taking a picture of the Centre of Gravity building and invited me inside. I accepted, saying I was happy to read news that the place would continue to thrive.

1300 Gerrard Street East

I’ve always admired the big projector inside the front door. My other photos aren’t necessary, because this video does a much better job.

One more projector photo, at Danica’s request. She points out that we all see the front view when we pass the front door, but not the side view. The beast is huge, standing over 6 feet tall, and it’s over 100 years old.


Andrew Duff does virtual grafitti, taking photos of locations and doctoring them. Mostly, I understood readily that, as one commenter put it, he is fibbing.

His description of glass-painting on Monica Wickeler’s studio doors fooled me, though. I thought he’d actually done that one … and I even went to Queen Street wondering how I had missed it. It sounded credible because there is a Collab Art show on now featuring Andrew and Monica.

What the door really looks like. It could use a duffing, actually.

So is this even Monica’s studio? Who knows? Andrew Duff lives up to the fake tattoo [not] on his chest: “I SOLEMNLY SWEAR THAT I AM UP TO NO GOOD”.

Collaborator, conspirator, whatever … I think Andrew Duff should teach virtual grafitti to Tokyo.

A brief Corley Avenue update

First, signs of activity at the Corley Half House now extend to the arrival of a porta-potty. The concrete that was poured through the basement window to stabilize the now-removed portion has been dug out and carted off.

It will be interesting to see if the missing half is restored to match the remaining half. More likely, I think, is a different design and, pehaps, an additional storey. Time will tell.

The other house I have been following from the beginning is the pied á terre that Rob is building for himself, with the help of his son Josh.

The windows are in, in time to make for comfortable finishing inside during the winter months.

A sari ending?

Neelam Silk is one of the dressier storefronts on Gerrard.

Photo credits– Left: Google Street View Right: Andrew Horne

The big sign in the window suggests that an established South Asian business is leaving the Bazaar. The store is a big one and it needs an occupant. Can it be a successful new South Asian business? It’s great that the Bazaar is becoming more cosmopolitan, but there is a popular sentiment that would like to hang on to the core “Little India” identity it has had since the 70s.

An “almost” day

We almost got to the bank at opening time, but it was closed because last Saturday was Remembrance Day. Forgot how that works. So we went to our Apple Store appointment downtown.

The place was crammed and busy as always, but the wifi signal is exceptional.

We almost got Danica’s faulty Option key fixed at the Eaton Centre Apple Store, but it turned out to be an 8 to 12 day repair job.

We almost caught the Queen Streetcar back to Beach Mac, but missed it and settled for a bus that took us part way.

The Option key was repaired, under warranty, same day, by Beach Mac.

The trip downtown was almost a waste of time, but we did get to see the Hudson’s Bay store windows. The music is diegetic.

… and I had my picture taken in the snazzy new pedestrian bridge that connects stores across Queen Street.

Looks like a time tunnel, but it just goes to the Eaton Centre.

Nice design, though, eh? Window cleaner’s delight.