Working ’round the clock

I was hoping to take a better shot, but anyway, this does illustrate the night work that’s going on.

Major intersection, major traffic woes, but at least the crews are working 24/7 to get all of the streetcar tracks and new infrasture done in 7 weeks or so. Even sidewalk routes involve long detours. Avoid the whole mess if you can.

Work continues into November and even December.

High five, TekSavvy

$5.05 price drop on our DSL internet service

We are paying TekSavvy $40 + tax per month for 25 Mbps unlimited DSL internet. Good enough for everything Danica and I need to do online, including TV streaming.

Yesterday, I got an email saying that will drop by $5.05 a month because the CRTC says Bell has to reduce its prices to resellers.TekSavvy is passing it along to customers. I didn’t even have to ask. Nice surprise.

Presto: Toronto construction

Bicoastal Crawf is visiting on his way home to Victoria BC, having endured enough Hurricane Dorian in his Nova Scotian cottage. My usual Presto transit companion Peter Bartosh was busy painting his house while the sun shines, so Crawf stood in today.

Crawf, considering the menu at Bumpkins on Gloucester Street. Nice but too quiet.

I thought I would impress with a walk through typical knock-down-tear-up Toronto, so our route up Yonge Street to Bloor and along Bloor past Spadina seemed promising. All the roads are ripped open. Even the Mink Mile is dressed in work clothes.

Does this look like expanded frontage for Holts? I think so. And there’s another Holts for Men close by.

Danica wasn’t in love with my route choice when I told her, and Crawf says all big cities are being torn up a the moment. We’ll try to do some more interesting walks on the weekend.

A peek into the hole where Stollery’s used to sell classic coats. Soon to be another tower at Yonge and Bloor.
I didn’t know until today that you can see into Varsity Stadium from the back. A brick wall on Bloor hides it.

We passed Spiderman posing atop a sidewalk sign, colour-coordinated with a passing truck. That may have been today’s highlight.

Spiderman did not know that Crawf used to be an Ironman, but he did his buskerly best to impress.

For lunch, we found a patio in the Annex where we could shout our catch-up conversation over jack hammers and concrete saws. Crawf scored a mystery novel at BMV. I rate today’s outing a success.

Hmm, looks familiar

Sure enough, the prize house in a TV lottery commercial is one I walk by often.

Brand new house already has a history

It’s a new build on the corner of a new street named Vince, after a popular teacher. The school where Ms Vince taught was torn down to make room for a residential street.

The prize house on the corner was one of the last to go up, because the original developer went bankrupt. Work ceased until a new builder took over.

Prize house, right, does not include the other home beside it, despite appearances. Click pic for story.

Where Brian went

My other companion on Toronto lunch expeditions (see post below) is Brian Hickey, who lives here but travels at the drop of a Tilley hat. His latest adventuring raises today’s question. Can you guess where he is?

The food shots he included don’t offer much of a clue. We might have had these here in Toronto … but no. These are from Brian’s present location.

It’s Ha Long Bay in the South China Sea. Brian is in Vietnam, the northern part this time. He visited Vietnam not too long ago, but did not get to Hanoi that time.

What Peter built

The Virtual Reality tour may take a moment to load. Once it does you can move the image around and even zoom in and out.

Regular readers will know that I go on Toronto lunch expeditions with Peter Sever and Brian Hickey … when they are in town. Peter is in the Philippines right now, sending out nostalgic brag-mails about the yachts he built after he got rich selling me (and a few thousand others) computer equipment in the 1990s. He owned the Mac Store on Queen Street East before he became a shipbuilder for the super-rich.

The yacht above is a unique, Canadian-made beauty that was launched nearly 20 years ago! Just look at it … like new! Peter’s fleet of builds grew to 16 before he moved on to other things like motorcycling around the world.

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