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A question for Mr Spiffle

Andrew Horne is not only the proprietor of my favourite gallery/café, he is from Australia and therefore qualified to comment on Danica’s photo of the “mystery tree”.

Andrew agrees with Mr Spiffle’s Eucalyptus label (post below), but adds that Danica’s example is a rather plain choice. He says that the more interesting ones display a variety of hues when they shed their bark, not just one pale colour.

The pale example

Which brings us to the next shot. Mr Spiffle, Danica thought this was a sycamore tree, or a London Plane, as we have discussed here before. Perhaps we are wrong and it is one of the more interesting gum trees (eucalyptus, same thing) that Andrew describes.

Could it be a eucalyptus?

Ahhh, thats better

The asphalt-melting heatwave of a couple of weeks ago was kind enough to leave Sydney before Danica landed in Australia. Temperatures are warm and comfortable now, but this tree has decided to peel off and go naked, anyway.

Danica doesn’t know the species. Maybe someone can answer that in the Comments. Nice change from ice and snow photos, yes?

Danica is staying with her cousin Visnja, so here’s a nice picture of her. Visnja is a yoga instructor and a classically trained concert flutist. Her schedule is a busy one, but the hours are varied enough to allow daytime outings with Danica. Visnja’s husband Stanko has regular hours as a programmer, so his picture might turn up on a weekend.

Visnja under a fig tree. Photo by Danica.

Beach Hill Ice Masters shine

Hockey net, Fairmont Park rink. Plywood boards are a thing of the past.

After a couple of almost impossibly warm winters, the Ice Masters finally got the temperatures they’ve been waiting for. The guys who do this volunteer service certainly took full advantage of the opportunity. The hockey rink is a jaw-dropper and that’s not all. Alongside, there’s a nice, big skating surface. Well done, gentlemen!

I saw a few kids skating when I went by in the afternoon, but decided to return for night shots, just after suppertime. A few early birds were already there. Many more were arriving as I left. Perfect ice.

More ice and snow

It’s time for brother-in-law Paul to make a personal appearance. We’ve been looking at his Point Pelee picture in a few posts. You’ve already met his wife Kathy in those shots, and his daughter Nicole.

Photo by Nicole

Since Paul’s example got me out there, too, I thought we could each contribute an icy tree. First, Paul’s …

Click photo to enlarge

And then mine, from yesterday.

Click to enlarge

Trip to Oz was meant to be

Here’s Danica visiting Luna Park in Toronto’s Distillery District last year.

Danica by photo

Here’s her shot from today … err, tomorrow … fulfilling destiny. Turns out Luna Park is right at one of the ferry stops on the way to town. I still haven’t got a clue what Luna Park is.

Photo by Danica

And here’s my favourite traveller, posing with her opera hat. The bridge in the background looks like the one the wallaby hopped across in the morning. Danica hadn’t heard about it.