Slow news day

This could have been an exciting post, but the pilot must have ejected some time before I arrived on scene.

Seat looks in good shape, pilot probably fine.

The incident must have happened over Coxwell and Eastwood. Funny there’s nothing in the mainstream media about it.

A few minutes later, I was able to get this shot of Small’s Creek, emerging across the street from the No Frills parking lot.

The trick is being in the right place at the right time.

Protecting democracy

Doug Ford used the Notwithstanding Clause to override our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. “Protecting democracy”. Yeah, sure. Protecting Doug Ford from hostile criticism, more like it.

This premier cannot handle a majority government responsibly. Let’s take it away from him.

I am almost as turned off by negative political advertising as I am by Ford’s BS, but I just can’t let this one by without choking.

Local colour

Now that’s more like it. Some businesses in the Bazaar are serious about their curbside patio spaces.

A booth? Yes, of course. Step this way, please.

I came by too late in the day to see Gwynne Giles painting in his glass porch studio, but there’s always evidence of his activity.

The artist works in the window during morning hours.

I thought of Mr Giles when I found an algorithm for generating Suprematist designs. I wasn’t sure how Gwynne might feel about such digital antics, so I have not sent him this link. I think it’s fun.

Our trees have metal name plates. Planting for Eli was my job one year, so I visited him.

The Beach Hill Neighbourhood Association has used GoFundMe money to buy annuals for our Gerrard Street planters. Volunteers have dug them in. Thank you! The City provided the perennials.

Neat! The trees have info tags this year and the floral plantings are identified, too. They just went in, so they will become more colourful.

Shhhh …

I love finding secret parks. Most of them don’t advertise.

Metrolinx is behind this. I mean literally behind.

Here’s your clue.

Washed, oiled and pumped

The title describes both bikes and riders, I hope. I’m a little nervous about getting out there in crowded cycle lanes after a long hiatus. Some people like to go a lot faster than I do and I crashed with one of them a couple of years ago. Painfully, I recall.

Just need to find our helmets and off we go.

Since then, I heard that a friend and contemporary was hospitalized after an encounter between his bike and a car. He lives in another town, so I haven’t seen him, but I hear he mended.

Danica and I will start with timid practice wobbles around the local cemetery paths, today. Then, on weekdays, we should feel more ambitious and the cycle lanes may be less busy.

Proof of concept

Stephanie Won, MN

We are proud of our niece Stephanie, who has completed her postgraduate program and received her Master of Nursing degree. It’s a worthy accomplishment in its own right, but especially because she did it while working and being the mother of two bright, active boys.

The grad ceremony took place online. I was happy to see the cap and gown.

You can see how the graduating students were honoured in the Vimeo clip below. Stephanie wisely chose to quote a man that her sons Carson and Jackson will relate to.

Well done, Stephanie! ♥️♥️♥️

Stephanie is the daughter of Danica’s sister Anna.