Canada War Museum acquires historic weapons


Spears fashioned hastily by Conservative caucus members when they barricaded themselves during the October attack on Parliament Hill will go on display as soon as curators have documented and preserved them properly, said museum director James Whitman. The weapons were made by breaking ceremonial flag poles that lined the caucus meeting room.

“An improvised spear may not seem like much of a weapon, but there was only one bad guy and at least 6 of us with sharp sticks,” said a Conservative spokesperson. “We could have skewered him pretty good, probably”.

The spears will be exhibited alongside the Inuit carving used by Mme. Chretien to defend her then-prime minister husband Jean from an intruder who had gained entry to their bedroom in the 24 Sussex Drive official residence.

Only the part about the War Museum exhibit is April Fool material. The rest of it … well, you can’t make this stuff up.