Camera zoom test

I went to Boot Hill at the foot of Beach Hill, to take some demo shots with my Sony HX80. The camera is resting on a tombstone to keep it steady. Zooming magnifies camera shake and I didn’t want that to blur my results.

The first shot has no zoom, the last one is max zoom. (30X) Click any slide to enlarge.

The next set is handheld and all are taken from the same position. I used the popup viewfinder to help me frame the thing I wanted to zoom in on. It certainly helped, but I struggled to compose the shot. None of these are cropped and edited in Photoshop, which is something I would usually do.

In the first slide, you can barely see the object that I want to pick out. By the time I was at maximum zoom, the image was still pretty good and even too big for the frame.

The Sony HX80 likes to have lots of light, so daylight is ideal. It does a respectable job in normal indoor light, though, and there’s a popup flash to help, if needed. I try to avoid flash and prefer to enhance dark shots with editing if I can.

For very low light situations, the HX80 has a Manual setting to permit long exposures. Obviously, fast moving subjects will not work with those.

From the Beach boardwalk … handheld. A tripod would have helped.

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  1. Impressive optics. 30x is a lot of zoom. Such lens tend to be slow and subsequently don’t work very well in low light. Nevertheless.

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