Buying into a new economy

jargonsMoney is not what’s needed to get a lot of great products and services on the internet these days. They’re free. The price of admission is know-how.

I am building a brand new WordPress theme to change the look and functionality of this blog. WordPress is free software that I can download and run on my own server … even on my own computer, without internet, if I wish. Even the hosting can be free, if you want to keep your learning to a minimum. Your freedom to do some things will be minimized too, but that’s the new economy. Trade-offs.

Tools used for coding used to cost hundreds of dollars. Now, free! Courses to learn how to use them? Also free. I just downloaded Netbeans, a sophisticated IDE (Integrated Developing Environment). It comes with well produced video instructions.

The WordPress application is written in PHP (free), which works very well with HTML and javascript (both open and free). Web pages are served by Apache software … very popular with hosting companies because. of course, it’s free. Javascripts and PHP scripts? Thousands, if not millions of them, yours to use at no cost.

Even operating systems like Linux are free and so slick now, it’s a wonder anyone still pays for Windows or Mac … oh, wait … they are free too, now. Comes with the hardware. Linux users get several thousands of free apps, too. You can run Linux on a Window or a Mac computer inside a virtual machine. That’s a kind of software computer within a computer. VirtualBox is a popular one. Yes, it’s free.

I’m the type that likes to understand why things work (or don’t) as much as I can, so this is a wonderful time for me.

Hmmmm. Time. There’s the rub. It’s going to take at least two days to build my theme and get it running the way I want it to, but the whole process will be interesting and the end result, I hope, will be something I can maintain and modify to my heart’s content.

See you in a little while!


3 thoughts on “Buying into a new economy

  1. Good for you! If I had any sense I would involve myself in similar, focussed projects; instead of wringing my hands over the frailties of humanity. BTW, if you need any cat pictures for use in your theme, I have many.

  2. Three? Jeez, I have thousands. OK, I’ll try. Abby sends her regards; and pays homage to the spirit of Spunky.

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