BuskerFest weekend

From Thursday to Sunday, Yonge Street was BuskerFest Street, from Adelaide to College. No cars. Crowds were large and happy, weather was great and performers were high calibre pros. Fire-eaters, jugglers, stilt dancers, ingenious costumes, musicians and the usual array of vendors and street eateries.

Busker banter had just the right touches of sexual innuendo and mockery. Tame enough for the kids, though. I wonder if anything goes over their heads anymore.

I liked Silver Elvis but was quite bowled over by the Sauruses. They emitted screeches as they stalked the street, towering over the crowd on stilts. With uncanny skill, the Dutch street theatre people inside the costumes used their beaks to tweak hats and bicycle helmets.

Here’s a Youtube movie of the Sauruses in a dramatic production.