Birthday present

For my birthday, I am giving myself a blogging holiday, to see how I like it. I’ll send the odd postcard while I am away. I’ll keep up with email, too.

I will be holidaying in Toronto.

The last time I took a break was back in 2015, when I thought I was done with blogging. Not quite. I have put up over 2300 posts since then. This feels like a good time for a breather.

4 thoughts on “Birthday present”

  1. ‘Winter Stations’ Toronto winter artistic display which turns lifeguard stations along the eastern Beaches area into imaginative works. It runs February 18 to April 1, 2019.

  2. You deserve a break (I take them all the time) I’ll look forward something fresh soon! You’ve set the bar high enough to be able to walk under it. Happy Birthday.

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