Big picture: Medical marijuana

Medical marijuana dispensary, shot today in Kensington Market.

First, let’s get the humour out of the way. Sorry I forget the comedian’s name, but I loved how he explained to a cop why he needed medical marijuana. “I’m taking it to help me get off illegal marijuana”.

cops-and-baggiesSeriously, now. Danica has seen the enormous benefits of cannabis oil that was prescribed for someone dear to us. It reduced nausea that came with cancer and its treatment, allowed our friend to eat again and gain much-needed nourishment. It seems to give her ease in a very difficult time. For far too long, societal taboos have kept this medicine away from patients who need it. Thank goodness we are wising up.

A personal view: The recreational use of marijuana doesn’t seem disastrous, either. I don’t indulge, but it doesn’t seem to harm my friends; certainly not the way our legal drug alcohol can. I bet you know what any cop would say, given a choice between dealing with a spaced-out pothead or a pissed-off drunk.

When I read Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, I wondered when the government-issued Soma would arrive, and what it would be. It’s finally here and we know what it is called. Huxley’s little book continues to be one of my favourites.

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  1. It seems silly to me to criminalize recreational pot while legalizing medical pot. I suggest a federal LCBO type arrangement where the government sells pot of a certain strength and with guaranteed purity. On the research front the Israelis are doing outstanding work with respect to the medical use of pot. The applications are numerous.

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