Big city parking in little Beach Hill


Stacked parking is coming to the condo under construction at Woodbine and Gerrard. Space is at a premium in the small building site, so it’s the only way. I’m not sure what kind of system will be installed. Maybe the video below is not quite accurate, but it will work something like this.

Surely we are on the way to the end of private personal cars in cities. Of course, Toronto will be far behind better run cities for a long time to come, but transitional enterprises like auto-share services and Uber cabs are pointing the way.

Self-driving units of some kind may soon make deliveries and sharing a ride with strangers will likely become an affordable norm. Bicycles and e-bikes also offer commuter alternatives, but licensing and insurance are inevitable. Safe, segregated bike lane routes will have to be created, too.

Call me dreamer, but I can even imagine a time (after my time) when public transit might offer a convenient, inexpensive … or even free … way to get around.