Big boxes full of goodies

Scarborough may be a little too dominated by big box stores sitting in oceans of asphalt parking lot, but it doesn’t lack culinary character.


My big, satisfying shwarma. Can’t resist the “love at first bite” cliché.

A friend and I went for lunch at Al Premium supermarket today and enjoyed amazing shwarmas for amazingly little money. Brian is a shwarma connoisseur, having sampled many, many of them in the Middle East. He declared the Al Premium offerings his favourites! We got one shwarma each plus a medium size coffee and a diet pepsi. Total bill, taxes in … $11.50. There was a two-fer special on today. It’s self-serve, so no tipping. Table seating.

What a meal and what a deal. Indescribably good, and full of healthy veggies along with your choice of chicken or beef (or mixed, if you like). It’s all pulled together with a melange of delicious, garlicky sauces and sealed in a crisp grilled pita wrap. Hot sauce if you want … each shwama is custom made.

Then, across Warden Avenue to Adonis Market


Danica knows Al Premium well,  shops there often and I have been along with her before. Across the street, though, the Adonis Market was new to me. Brian thought he should show me the gigantic pita-making machine, encased in floor-to-ceiling glass. It wasn’t running, but it must be fun to watch when it is pumping fresh pita along its elaborate complex of gleaming conveyor belts. Can’t get much fresher.

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  1. Looks like I missed a fun outing…I’ve been to Al Premium many times, Adonis only twice. The pita maker was in progress both time, great entertainment.

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