Beacher: Bill Buxton

Bill Buxton is a Renaissance man who says that there can be no such person in today’s complex world. There’s too much to know.

Until my neighbour Rob mentioned him in conversation, I knew nothing about Bill Buxton, even though he lives within walking distance. He’s been working for decades as a top-level, innovative thinker with an international reputation. Look at the CV on the guy!

Buxton published a book in 2007 called Sketching User Experiences. The Toronto Public Library doesn’t have a single copy. I wonder why not.

Ebook unavailable in my region. Very odd.

I missed a show and presentation he made in April of this year at his wife’s studio on Queen Street East. Drat.

At least there’s a ton of Bill Buxton material online. Below is a 2008 talk that convinced me he’s a smart guy. (45 minutes)

3 thoughts on “Beacher: Bill Buxton

  1. Oh WoW!!
    Once again your blog has finger on the pulse of what is going on!

    This conversation about intention, union, critique, design and change is in tune with software people out there today. Consumers will show the way.

    I’ll be thinking about Bill Buxton as I listen again.
    Thank you

  2. Such a traveler! So busy.
    I sent you a library copy of ‘sketching User Experience’ in small pdf format.
    hope it works for you.

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