Beach Hill baskets

Someone enhanced a front door on Upper Gerrard with flowers. A little obstructive, but sweet.

I felt the charm of the little hanging baskets before I noticed a detail revealing some social friction in the neighbourhood. Aren’t those hooks a little odd?

Oh. Duct tape. That’s not to prevent wind from blowing them down.

When we lived in Riverdale, Danica paid a neighbourly compliment to the flowers our neighbour was planting the the back yard. “You want some?” the neighbour asked.

Danica said, “No, thank you. You paid good money for those flowers. Enjoy them all in your own garden”.

“”I didn’t pay for these,” said the neighbour.

“Where do you get such lovely plants for free?” asked Danica.

“The park,” said the neighbour … adding, in response to Danica’s shocked expression … “public park”.

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