Bad break for Eastwood homes

I thought I recognized the street in the photo. It’s at the foot of our street!

July 2. 2020 . The news clip is available online.

A sewage pipe dating back to 1914 has collapsed, affecting 10 houses that were connected to the same line. It’s called a “party line”. Some party. Raw sewage in basements. Water shutoffs during the heat wave.

Eastwood, looking east. Normandy corner on the left.

I didn’t have to go far for my own photos this morning … just to the bottom of our block. Emergency repairs are underway, but proper, separate pipes will have to follow. The city should pay the costs. Have the homeowners not been paying for full sewer service and getting one tenth of what they thought they were receiving?

Time for new pipes that are up to modern standards. City responsibility.

2 thoughts on “Bad break for Eastwood homes”

  1. I’m one of the lucky 10 – not sure what’s more exciting for me, seeing my house on the CBC, or seeing it featured on your fine blog! And actually really lucky, as I’m not one of the ones who had actual backup into their homes, but I still will have my driveway dug up on Monday so they can replace…you got it…only the city portion connecting the party line to the city main, without touching the party line itself. Appreciate your support here – we remain deeply concerned about the city’s obvious attempts to avoid dealing with the long-term solution this week, and are collectively pressing Mr. Bradford to make it right…

    • Thanks for reading my blog, Matt. FYI, when our street’s water supply lines were upgraded years ago, the contracted company offered a blanket price to run larger supply pipes to each home. Whether is was easy or difficult, each home would cost the same $600. We went for it and discovered that we had been sharing a skinny pipe with our neighbour, for years. All of a sudden, we had decent pressure.

      Maybe something similar could be offered for your problem … a modest contribution … and I do mean modest. I expect Councillor Bradford to support you in this.

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