Back to BAM!

Ian and I decided to try again, when they were open. IE, not on a Monday.

Although there were a variety of specialty breakfasts on offer (eggs with salmon instead of bacon, for example), we stuck with the basic 3 small poached eggs, toast, hash browns and crispy bacon. 8 bucks. All arrived in a timely manner, exactly as you’d expect. Nothing special, nothing bad.

The most notable feature … walls of bright comic book, superhero graphics. Fun. Otherwise, it’s similar to other all-day-breakfast reliables along Queen East, like the Tulip, Mars and the Sunset Grill.

I realized where I was as soon as we squeezed into the rather cramped booth, perched on a little riser. The last time I sat in that booth, years ago, the place was called Bow Thai. Forget the booths. Choose a table.

2 thoughts on “Back to BAM!

  1. Reminds me of when I lived at 1940 Queen East, with Paul Ogden. Back then, greasy spoons were rare and liquour licenses non existent. Checked a map and noticed an Aroma. Have you tried it. It’s an Israeli chain and in my experience that fare is quite good.

    • Yes, Danica and I have been to that Aroma 2 or 3 times. I have also been to the one in Don Mills Plaza or whatever they call it now. What stands out in my memory is the square of chocolate they give with each coffee. The coffee is fine, but the way they run the counter makes service slow.

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