Awwww, too bad


Nothing compares with a cruise through the aisles of Active Surplus. Follow the link and see what I mean. If you have any love of hardware stores, curiosity shops, crazy bargains, project supplies or electronic bits and bobs, you’ll understand my sense of loss.

There’s still the Active Surplus on Steeles, but we need one closer. Word is that a new location is being sought. How about Lower Gerrard? Rents are still reasonable and the street is becoming a destination, like Queen West used to be. I’ll send an email message.

2 thoughts on “Awwww, too bad

  1. Surprised they lasted so long on Queen. Would be a great addition to lower Gerrard – I used to love shopping at Active Surplus but part of the issue I think is that no one builds stuff any more…?

    • I hope there are still plenty of builders out there, Andrew. There certainly seemed to be enough fellow prowlers in there whenever I visited. With the maker fairs movement, there’s more need than ever for Active Surplus. I wrote and asked them to look at Lower Gerrard. Ideal fit, really!

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