Awww, I remembered it as ” the Andersons”


After my gigantic piece of chocolate birthday cake the other night, this Larson cartoon surfaced in my memory. It comes to me whenever I overeat and still makes me laugh.

I finally looked it up and discovered that I identify with the bloated “Parkers” so much that I’ve recalled the name wrongly. I always think of the caption as
Well, the Anderson’s are dead … You had to encourage them to take thirds, didn’t you?

I knew the spelling wasn’t quite my way, but “Parkers”? Not even close.

Apologies to the brilliant creator of The Far Side, Gary Larson, for this theft. I’ll remove it if asked but hope my offence will be taken as a compliment. I’ve remembered the piece for 30 years and Mr Larson has been retired for 20 of them.

1 thought on “Awww, I remembered it as ” the Andersons”

  1. No blame should be attributed to the Hickeys, who did not encourage overstuffing. For one thing, Danica and I brought the cake. For another, nobody forced me to eat so much of it … with ice cream).

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