A&W research

We’ve all seen the A&W “Beyond Meat” commercials, haven’t we? Peter Bartosh and I wanted to find out. Do the meat-free burgers really taste like meat?

Peter wanted gluten-free, so he got the lettuce wrap … no bun.

So, what are we comparing to? Not the burgers you barbecue at home. That wouldn’t be fair. But compared with a typical fast food burger, it’s a success. It does taste a lot like an ordinary fast food hamburger patty and the texture is about the same.

My “Beyond Meat” burger. We had combos, with fries and coffee.

Peter and I also agreed that the fries were good, as was the Van Houtte coffee which came in a generously large ceramic mug. We liked that, too.

There’s something they don’t mention in the commercials, though. Our two combos … burger, fries and coffee … rang in at $24 and change, with tax. $12+ each … not a lot to spend for lunch, but a bit more than expected.