Avron Mintz art

Avron Mintz has responded to my request for examples of the digital art he is producing. He starts with observation of his surroundings, selects subjects that he thinks may have potential and photographs them.

So, abstract or nonobjective as these examples may look, they do begin as recognizable images. Well, not always recognizable. Sometimes viewers would be hard pressed to recognize extreme close-ups and photos of textures.

The photographs are then opened in Photoshop or Picasa (or both) and manipulated with various filters until something appears that satisfies. Familiarity with the kinds of results given by filters and combinations permits a level of control.

The artist favours natural subjects as a starting point … a leaf, for example, or trees or clouds … because they give him confidence that the resulting forms will be aesthetically sound.

Another level of control is selection from the myriad of images that can be quickly made this way. Avron makes his own choices, but relies on his wife Elaine’s eye, too. If she doesn’t like one, she’s always right, he says.

A few images are chosen for ouput as hard copies, then more choices must be made, because of all the substrates available these days … aluminum, acrylic, paper, foam core, you name it. Size must be determined, as well, of course.

Artists today often act more as art directors than as makers. Unlike art directors of the last century, practitioners now direct computers and inkjet printers rather than other people.

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