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Perfect bag of Kaka

I needed a new sling bag, big (and small) enough to hold my sh*t. Somehow, this brand spoke to me.

My new, larger iPad fits, plus a camera and few other things. Lightweight, well-made and inexpensive, it will be perfect for walking and cycling.

I ordered it yesterday afternoon and took a trial offer for free Amazon Prime One Day Shipping.

The box appeared on my porch before noon today! No knock (I was home). Prime service, yes, but weirdly indifferent to thieves.

Answers to unasked food questions

What’s a Turkish pide and is it any good to eat?

This was lunch for two today, at Pizza-Pide on Gerrard at Pape. Pide is a boat-shaped pizza made in a pizza oven. There are lots of non-Italian toppings to choose from. We like the spinach and feta best. You can get ground beef, but if you want to try what the Turks like, pick one with lamb.

They are delicious and you will leave very full. An average price for a pide is 12 bucks. Beverages are cans in the cooler. I like the cherry drink.

What’s a Himalayan Pink Salt Slab and do you need one?

Danica has been doing without a salt slab all these years, but a gift has changed that.

First step is to cure the slab by subjecting it to high temperature for a long time. I asked why the slabs didn’t come cured and Danica said that would raise the cost. True, I thought, but curing raises the cost of pork and yet they still cure ham. Obviously, I know nothing about cooking.

The cured salt slab is very nice to look at … like a block of pink marble. It was placed on the gas burner and scallops were chosen for the first run.

So here are the results. Bear in mind that I know nothing. The scallops came off very evenly cooked and tender, not rubbery at all. They didn’t have any flavour, just a pleasing texture. Danica attributes the lack of flavour the the particular scallops we had. They held a lot of moisture and, although they bubbled and sizzled well on the slab, they didn’t brown much.

So I’m thinking that the main virtue of a Himalayan Pink Salt Slab might be that it distributes heat evenly. It also looks cool … but don’t touch. It gets very hot.

Demo day

Danica says it’s OK to show you the quality of the video taken with my iPad Pro. This is also a demonstration of dictation because I did not type this text. I spoke it directly into WordPress.

We took our bikes to Leslie Spit today. Perfect day, weatherwise.

Ran away to join the circus

I have run away to the University of YouTube to study drawing software and to learn about iPad photography.

Between classes, I’ll pop out to post amazing discoveries like this flying tiger I found right under the nose of an orchid in our kitchen window. Photo by iPad, of course. Orchid, probably by Salvador Dali.

Did you know you can take a picture with the iPad or iPhone camera by pressing the volume button on the edge of the device?

I am Orchid. Hear me roar!

iPad Pro-longed learning ahead

After much foot-dragging, I plunked for the works … tablet, keyboard and pencil. This thing will do so much, I may never come up for air.

The rub is that I have to learn all the tricks it can perform … drawing, painting, writing, photography, video (high def AND slow motion). It will take weeks to master the thing. Much of the functionality is hidden away, so without study, you don’t even know it’s there.

Of course I can have it read to me, listen to my dictation, follow spoken orders, load it with books, videos and music and run it all day without a recharge.

When I finally know how it works, the operating system will change from iOS 10 to iOS 11 and I’ll have a lot more to get used to. In fact, I’m seriously tempted to jump right in and start practicing with the public beta of iOS 11. It’s still glitchy, but why not do my learning on what’s coming, rather than on the operating system that will be replaced by October?

Let’s see … where’s that app that brushes my teeth?