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Hard drive blues relief

Rummaging through old hard drives, during a period of tech maintenance chores…

I get the same feelings, looking at old computer files that I have always gotten looking through old photo albums … blues. Friends who are gone, faces that were younger, work I recalled as better than it looks now.

A few things still please, like this pair of cartoons from 20 or more years ago. May as well laugh.

No wonder we all come from Africa

What other continent would be the cradle of humanity? It’s HUGE!

Emailed map from Peter Sever

Peter Sever is resting up after knee surgery, but not wasting his time. The world traveller (by motorcycle) and serial entrepreneur continues to educate himself and those around him. Peter has spent almost four years in Africa and has driven most of it. He follows its fortunes with continuing interest.

POPULATION? 1.2 billion in Africa (including the Arabic north coast). Roughly the same as China or India.
But look how much land the average African has.

Compare it to say China with about the same number of people.
– Lots of land, about 300% of China’s land area.
– Lots of coastline, harbours,. Both have vast deserts too.
– Lots of minerals
– Lots of lumber
– Lots of agricultural land
– Long growing season(s)
– Huge, largely unemployed labour pool.
– Everyone would like to help it develop economically.

Here’s a title panel from my slide shows of Peter’s Round the World Ride 2008 – 2010. Here’s what he’s doing these days.

Guest blogger day

Danica and Kathleen headed to Highland Creek for the festival, some shopping, some sightseeing (with Kathleen as tour guide) and some lunch.

While both report having a wonderful day, blog photos were not high on the priority list. Highlights above, other observations below.

Bike Share not what I thought

Seeing the $7 Day Pass offer, I thought we’d found a way for our friend Kathleen to join us on a bike ride around Toronto Islands when the flood waters eventually subside.

Do the rental bikes have gears? Yes, see photo.

The bikes are heavy, but I suppose they have to be. The price is also heavier than that $7 Day Pass suggests. You actually get 30 minutes for $7. If you go over, the next 30 minutes adds $1.50, then $4 more for 30 minutes after that. Half-hours beyond the first hour and a half are $7 each.

So a typical 5 hour excursion to the Islands for lunch, riding around sightseeing, taking the ferry and getting back to a docking station would cost $89.50 … about a hundred bucks with taxes.

I was looking for a solution to the closure of the Toronto Islands bike rental business, but a new company has apparently taken over. We will be able to rent a bike on Centre Island for Kathleen, whenever the Islands reopen to the public. July? August?

Update/Correction This is a confusing year, if you want to rent a bike on Toronto Islands! It’s not an NEW company doing the rentals. The family business is back in business … except, of course, it isn’t … because of the flooding.

An irrelevant coincidence

The sad fact is, none of us get to choose our birthday … or the people we share it with.

Some attractive, intelligent, tasteful people get stuck with a date that is also being used by people who are just the opposite.

We all understand, and sympathize, Jane.

Answer: 5 bucks

Finally got down to the new ice cream store at the intersection of Kingston Road and Queen East today. The decor is big on asking, “What’s the scoop?” and I soon found out. One scoop, 5 dollars plus taxes, $5.65.

I am not an ice cream connoisseur, I just like the stuff and can’t say I’ve ever had bad ice cream. Is that even possible?

So my peppermint+chocolate-chips scoop seemed fine to me and I liked the waffle cone. Is 5 bucks the going rate for an ice cream cone? I haven’t a clue … but Brett’s will make a lot of money during the Beaches Jazz Festival (July 7–30)