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The Blue Crow recovered quickly

Gerrard Street’s Blue Crow Gallery in the Bazaar is fully open again, as exciting and inviting as ever.

Recent heavy rains broke a drain pipe and left the gallery looking sad. Jodi Wheeler praised her landlord, first for notifying her in time to save all of the art and second, for making repairs swiftly. Everything looks as good as new.

My “before” shots, 10 days ago.

Beach Hill beat

When Paris, Ontario got its first stop light, the story made the front page of the Paris Star newspaper. I think it was back in the 90s. Anyway, I tell you this as precedent for my earth-shattering news: We are finally getting new sidewalks around Beach Hill Residences.

You may laugh, but we’ve been waiting for years … and now that the messy business of cracking old concrete is nearly done, we can hope that the new building on the corner will get a much-needed power-wash.

Having taken the top photo, I turned the corner, to see the progress along Gerrard. As if to rescue my tale from hopeless banality, three fire trucks and a support wagon arrived, sirens wailing. A workman sanding walls inside had kicked up enough dust to set off sensors. Oops.

Still not newsy enough? OK, here’s one.

On the way home, I snapped the usual rush hour crowd on Woodbine. It wasn’t 5 o’clock yet. One of these lanes will disappear in July, when bicycle paths are installed.

There is resistance to cars to in the city. A bad thing? Depends on your point of view. There’s a subway line and a streetcar route within walking distance of these cars. Buses on Woodbine are fairly frequent.

Here’s a hoot. Riding a bicycle downtown is faster than taking transit. Beach Metro News

Bicycle route report

I chose part of my Monday route to see how far west I could get on the Don River Trail, along the north side of Lakeshore (under the Gardiner. Last year, it was closed from Parliament to Sherbourne.

It’s open now, but it’s a dirt path with some furrows … gravel-filled, but roughish. The name of the route changes from Lower Don River Trail to Lower Don River Recreation Trail.

You can get this far, but why bother? Continue west on the south side.

We aren’t really meant to bicycle on the north side, between Parliament and Sherbourne. The route peters out to a dead-end point and you have to move to the south side, to keep going west. May as well jump over to the south side at Parliament.

OhDee lives

I don’t know where he got the spray cans, or even how he got out of Barkside, but the signature is unmistakable.

The mouth of the Don River was a pleasant sight today, extra wide thanks to recent rains, and debris-free as fallen branches have been swept away or submerged.

The view north, from the footbridge.

Distillery District today

A nice little place I found for coffee seems to have folded up and disappeared. Oh, well. Here’s something  new.