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Plans for the west side of the Don River mouth

Some of the improvements already exist. The construction is being rolled out so that the finished parts can be enjoyed in spite of the ongoing construction of new parts. There are some messy, noisy, dusty zones, but they can be avoided for the most part. 

Although promo videos always seem kind of fake, the plans that have born fruit do function as intended. It’s only going to get better at the foot of our city.

Don’t think too much

This image was used to illustrate an article about  how “The power of disclosure can reduce prejudice, shift attitudes, and change minds forever”.

I thought, “What is the likely outcome here?” The enlighted bulb sure isn’t going to light up the dullards.

A chance meeting on BHGPUD


Beach Hill Garbage Pick Up Day afforded me a meeting with a neighbour. Charles was working his way down Gerrard as I worked my way up. We met at one of the new sidewalk tree beds, he bagging litter from one side while I cleaned the other.

We exchanged the usual pleasantries about how people are pigs and I said I liked his button. “You want one?”, asked Charles, rummaging in a pocket.

“Sure,” said I,  but Charles came up empty-handed.  He said he had hundreds at home and gave me the one he was wearing.

Another thing I liked about Charles … he’s ten years older than me.


BHGPUD is my own invention, not an official acronym. Catchy?


How soon we forget

This photo topped the list in one of those “things from th past” email messages. it was accompanied by another photo, reinforcing the idea that it was used for lettering. Perhaps it was, sometimes, but it had a very specific use that appears to have been forgotten. Anyone remember what it is?

Noxema skin cream, Vicks VapoRub, a dustpan and a tray of watercolours were on the same list … even though all are still common on stores shelves today. The listmaker must live a sheltered life.

Still, these lists are fun and good reminders of how quickly technologies have changed. The ashtrays show our progress. Many other items are still in my basement. Time to let go.

I saw an ad on Craigslist a couple of years ago: Antique graphic arts supplies. Pictured were the exacto knives, wax rollers, rubber cement bottles, T squares and cutting matts that I used everyday for years, before desktop publishing made “assembly” unnecessary. Remember the phrase “desktop publishing”? 

More fun in Toronto parks

After being prevented from taking pictures of skaters in a public park, I love stories like this one in the Beach Metro News

Our local MP was invited to address an Earth Day crowd in a public park, but was barred from speaking. The event organizer saw the MP distributing his petition in support of reduced carbon emissions. What? On Earth Day? That’s political, not “neutral” as the organizer wanted.

No speaking for you, Mister Member of Parliament.