As others see it …

Like me, you probably know someone who is dyslexic. Until I saw this clever simulation, I had less understanding of the situation. My dyslexic friends can read, they just read slowly and hesitantly. You will probably need to view full screen to see the problem.

To make the video above, I screen recorded a bit of the simulation with my iPad’s nifty, built-in powers. Here’s a link to the simulation page.

3 thoughts on “As others see it …

  1. Open source VLC Player has screen record option, plus frame by frame detail, for those wanting a copy of what they’re watching.

    Caution is good when using iphone and ipad eh? They say ‘talk to your kids’

  2. Yes, I like VLC software, Joni. It’s often better than proprietory stuff … more capable. I still haven’t succumbed to using a mobile phone of any kind, but I like the iPad as a consumer device. Too expensive, though.

    • Thanks for standing tall. I have found that people really enjoy my attention without distraction by communicating sans cell.
      At our local high school I actually saw groups of children reading books yesterday.

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