Anything special about July 4th?

Of course! It’s the Saturday opening of Andrew Horne’s show at the Flying Pony Gallery/Café.
Typecast Landscapes — Opening reception July 4th, 6pm to 9pm. Show runs to August 28.

andrew's-paletteCreative storm centre. Andrew’s studio behind the café looks exactly as it should.

The artist-proprietor of my favourite coffee place has been working hard for the past 3 months, completing 7 big, new canvases. Where he usually displays a wide variety of works by other artists, Andrew Horne will soon be filling the walls with his own colourful, accomplished painting.


The painting on the easel at the time of shooting is now finished. It’s a painterly riff on the internet and the way it has altered memory, turning the past into the immediate present. Interpretative room is left for viewers, but most of us will recognize the iconography readily enough. Cubists flattened space, Horne flattens time in this one.

Many of the new paintings continue Horne’s success with incredible renderings of neon signs and roadside buildings. Often, he has depicted neon signs unlit, concentrating on textures and cast shadows. In one of the new ones, he tackles the particularly difficult problem of capturing illuminated neon at twilight. You know that brief, magic time when the sky and manmade lights are nearly equal? This can’t be easy to pull off, but Horne gets it in a piece called Liquor Alight – Acrylic on canvas 48″ x 36″. It’s the one featuring the sign for Wines Liquors Beer. Of course, the effect is easier to appreciate on the actual painting. Screens don’t really do it justice.

The show’s name “Typecast Landscapes” alludes not only to familiar images as subject matter, but also to Horne’s fascination (and skill) with hand lettering. If you visit the café, you’ll see his handiwork on the floors and furnishings. Worth a visit. Good coffee and fresh baked goods, too.